Monday, February 20, 2006

An Update!

We will be hosting a charity basketball game on March 16th in North Babylon to raise the funds to purchase one CFL for every child in North Babylon. This will help fight global warming, and save over $500,000.00 in electric costs for their parents!


Maria said...

Just sent my letter! Keep us posted!!

Timothy Colman said...

Hey Mr. Luna-- World Changing posted your idea about green lights on their web --

good idea. I will email a few of our daughter's teachers with your link.

I make beautiful and educational poster field guides to your native wildflowers, conifers, deciduous trees -- go to

If you see any you want-- I will contribute them to your walls at school -- as a thank you for doing exactly what is necessary.

Small steps make up a big man -- thank you for teaching your kids, their folks, Oprah, and the world what matters.

Make up a five year plan for your city on energy conservaton -cut 50%.

I am looking for cities about the size of Seattle to compete -- and cooperate our way down to a 50% reduction in energy use in 5 years.

Best fishes,

Timothy Colman, publisher & poster sherpa
Good Nature Publishing Co.

Kate said...

I am posting this everywhere I know. You got a link on someone's blog that linked to Seth Godin's blog ... that's a good place to be.

Great idea! Nice to see someone making an effort in this world!

Mr. Luna said...

Thanks Kate, my students and I are doing our best!!! And we can't wait to make this happen to help fight global warming!!! -kenny

kenny said...

yea i will defintally be there at the game, and i will get my mom to give some money for the cause. like i said, i defintally wanna help. i'll email this around...

-kenny (the cracker)