Friday, February 24, 2006


By now I think that many people have heard that "The Bright Idea" is the result of an "Oprah" show where Oprah, Leo Dicaprio, and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer asked people to go out and buy these bulbs! However, what many people are also unaware of is that it was directly inspired by a Dave Matthews Band concert on December 10th at MSG, where they played the song "STAND UP!" off of their latest album. In fact, that song is what kept me awake all weekend until I came up with "The Bright Idea" on a Monday morning while sitting at my desk during my 5th period class watching my kids do a worksheet. I was sitting there thinking about their future with global warming, and playing around with the idea of giving every kid in my class one bulb until it just hit me- almost like a Eureka moment!! Well, my students and I are doing our part, and we are STANDING UP! together in the fight against global warming. We ask every single person who comes to this blog, and who cares about their childrens' future to join us, and STAND UP! by emailing Oprah to help give every child in America one of these bulbs!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

An Update!

We will be hosting a charity basketball game on March 16th in North Babylon to raise the funds to purchase one CFL for every child in North Babylon. This will help fight global warming, and save over $500,000.00 in electric costs for their parents!