Sunday, April 23, 2006

What it's all about...

Kids with light bulbs, to fight global warming... Each one a step in the right direction! -Mr. L

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"Magic Mark" finishes...

And the old light bulb is history! Posted by Picasa

"Magic Mark" eating the light bulb

He holds it up.

He crunches it with a hammer on the floor.

He unfolds the napkin-- just look at those faces behind him!
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More Photos from our Lighting Ceremony

Mr. Pescatore and Mr. Scollo on the guitars, with Mr. Murphy jamming on drums!
Is that elvis or Mr. Masullo??
Handing out light bulbs to help stop global warming!
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Photos from our Lighting Ceremony

Some of the awesome banners the elementary kids so generously made!

Our magician "Magic Mark" prepares to demolish an old light bulb so he can eat it!!

Just after the first CFL is lit, "The Bright Idea" kicks off across the country!
Three of our volunteers who so generously donated their time! Posted by Picasa
Here are some of the photos from our press conference, we hope you enjoy them! -Mr. L

Some of our signs-

A close up of one of our signs-

Kenny Gould at the microphone- Posted by Picasa